How we make a difference

2 million views a year in 145 countries | 2,000 organisations & health professionals using our films | 50 core partner organisations integrating our content into training and education programmes


Improving health worker knowledge and practice

Our films are used in a programme with Empower Tanzania that trains Maasai women to be Community Health Educators.

Trainees showed an average 44% improvement in knowledge and practice after watching our films about nutrition, family planning and malaria prevention.

Increasing effectiveness of training

In ‘mother leader’ community education run by Food for the Hungry in the Democratic Republic of Congo, training including our films was compared with the same training without film.  Compared to the control group, those using film experienced major improvements:

Increase in mothers who could recall the dangers of closely spaced pregnancies (0.9% to 47%) and who could identify five signs of illness in a newborn (4.4% to 49.1%)
Increase in mothers reporting using a modern contraceptive method (2.6% to 21.9%)

Communities acting on what they have learned

In Zambia, external evaluation of film in community outreach education found films effective in the delivery of key maternal and child health messages and achieving knowledge change.

After watching the film, I told my friends and neighbours about what I had learned. We bought soy and nuts and ground it up to put into the children’s porridge. I had never done that before and didn’t know it was important. Since then, my children have been growing very fast

Mary, 28 – Chitambo, Zambia

Relevant, valued, trusted information

These are great films – we use them for group teaching. They are much more engaging than still PowerPoint slides or books. Moreover, as they are saved on the hospital computers, the staff can access them again after teaching has finished or watch on their phones. They are very useful to the practising midwives and students. People learn better when they watch and listen

Catherine, VSI, Kenya

This can boost the work we have done on encouraging health workers to have more responsive and empathetic attitudes to rural women and to provide good quality of care to all their clients.

Paula, Health Partners International

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