Introducing SCREEN: a Health Communications Project Empowering Young Zambians

Many young people in rural Zambia have limited access to information about health issues of importance to them. Sadly, teenage pregnancy, stigma, peer pressure, poverty, and other pressing issues negatively affect their health and wellbeing. 

SCREEN Zambia was developed to address these information gaps and improve care-seeking behaviours.  

Medical Aid Films, with the help young people in Zambia, health experts, and content producers, co-created five educational films on teenage pregnancy, positive and respectful relationships, mental health and male involvement in family life, in an entertaining and inclusive way. The films are available in English, Bemba, Nyanja, and Lozi, to reach as many young people as possible throughout rural Zambia.

This impactful three-year health project has been funded by the Vitol Foundation and is the product of working with local partners and Zambia’s Ministry of Health. Our Zambian partners will integrate the film content into their health programmes and conduct monthly screenings across the country, targeting primarily adolescents and supportive influential adults. 

The SCREEN films are authentic to the Zambian culture, informative and entertaining.  We especially like the use of real people talking about their experiences, which made the films genuine.  We believe the films will be a great support to the Ministry’s work and the Zambian health sector.

Deleen Chasaya, Senior Health Promotion Officer

We will measure the impact of the SCREEN project using a robust monitoring and evaluation framework, including formative research, focus group discussions, baseline/endline and monitoring, from start to finish. The lessons learned will help inform our present and future partners of the impact of targeted use of relevant film content, and be used to replicate the SCREEN model in other countries and the region. 

Watch our SCREEN Zambia films

Being a Father

As part of our SCREEN Zambia project. Aimed at both young men and women, this film promotes the importance and benefits of male involvement in maternal and child health. This includes developing an understanding of what supportive male involvement might look like, challenging stereotypical gender norms around childcare and family life and explaining the benefits of male involvement to men, women and children.

This film is available in English, Nyanja, Lozi, Bemba.

Choosing Contraception

As part of our SCREEN Zambia project. Aimed at young women and men, this film provides information about the different types of contraception and how they work. The film also busts some common myths around contraception and encourages young people to access appropriate healthcare services for professional guidance and support.

This film is available in English, Nyanja, Lozi, Bemba, Igbo.

Equal Relationships

As part of our SCREEN Zambia project, This film promotes the importance of equal relationships among young people and captures what this means for two young couples. It explores gender rights, challenges unequal gender norms and highlights the benefits of equal relationships and wider gender equity for both young women and men.

This film is available in English, Nyanja, Lozi, Bemba

Your Mental Health

As part of our SCREEN Zambia project, This film explores the concept of mental health and how young people can experience mental health conditions. It outlines potential symptoms and underlying drivers of mental health illness and provides simple guidance around self-help, seeking help and supporting friends and family members.

This film is available in English, Nyanja, Lozi, Bemba.

Let’s Talk About Sexual Health

As part of our SCREEN Zambia Project, This film encourages young people to prepare for adulthood by making positive decisions about their sexual health. It explores sexual health rights and how to protect your sexual health, as well as promoting sexual health services that are available to young people.

This film is available in English, Nyanja, Lozi, Bemba.