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What is the problem?

Zika hit the headlines in 2015 as the newest tropical borne viral infection, while adults don’t usually suffer severe complications, the implications for pregnant women and their newborn babies are life-changing.  Since its peak, the virus has subsided and the focus on Zika has declined. However, thousands of families have been affected and are suffering the aftermath of looking after a severely disabled child. Find out more here


We’re working, in conjunction with London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, to tell the stories of some of these families and highlight their ongoing challenges and the solutions they have found to support one another on the journey of bringing up their children.

Why are we doing it?

  • In the Salvador region of Brazil, an area where the virus is most prevalent, we’re working with local peer-to-peer support groups who will use our film to engage and inspire families affected to lead positive and fulfilled lives.
  • Beyond this, our film will reach a far wider global audience of millions every year, through our free online platforms, challenging stigma and attitudes towards disability.
  • Just one film can be watched again and again, reaching and impacting millions of people.  
  • We know that film has the power to transform health education. Evidence from neuroscience research reveals that visual information is processed far more efficiently than text. A short video can portray 1.8 million words of text and therefore is a reliable and effective method of information-sharing, especially in low literacy settings.  

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Your donation will be used to develop this vital film and translate versions from Brazilian Portuguese into Spanish, increasing reach substantially beyond Brazil and into Latin America more broadly – 11 more countries!

Update: watch the film

Thanks to all your generous donations, Hope After Zika was made in partnership with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and released in 2019. 

Hope After Zika is a story of love and friendship, and the short documentary explores how communities can work together to bring up happy and healthy children under the most challenging of circumstances.

Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.