Our Founders

A need for community health education

Medical Aid Films was born out of the experience of midwife Fiona Laird, working in a refugee camp in Darfur in 2006. She witnessed babies dying needlessly from tetanus because their cord had been cut with a dirty knife.

Fiona organised simple training about how to deliver and care for a newborn baby safely, and thousands of women came from far and wide.  But she soon realised that demand far outweighed the resources available.

Learning through film

Struck by the enormous need, Fiona related this experience to her colleagues, Professor Eric Jauniaux and Dr Natalie Greenwold, both experts in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology with experience of training in low-income countries. They believed that film could be an accessible, scalable solution.  And so, Medical Aid Films was born.

From this vision, our first animation was developed, 10 Steps to a Clean Delivery to support community health education.

From this small start, we have grown to be the organisation we are today with our films watched by millions around the world.