What we do

Our vision

A world where everyone can enjoy healthy lives.

Our mission

We create quality media and communication that helps disadvantaged communities and health workers enhance health and wellbeing.

What we do

We bring together health experts with film makers to create engaging, accessible media and communications – empowering health workers and communities with vital knowledge and skills.

Our approach

Partnership – lasting, meaningful partnerships are at the heart of our work from film development to delivery

Production – through rigorous expert review, we create accessible, engaging, high quality film content

Innovation — we use new technologies where appropriate to make our content accessible to health workers and communities

Making a difference — putting audiences first, we work to understand how people learn through film

Our story

Medical Aid Films grew out of the experiences of Midwife Fiona Laird, working in a refugee camp in Darfur in 2006.  Seeing babies dying needlessly from tetanus due to their cord being cut with a dirty knife, she sought a way to share simple but life-saving information with health workers and mothers in the community.

Together with co-founders, Professor Eric Jauniaux and Dr Natalie Greenwold, they had the idea to create a simple animation to inform community members about basic care during delivery of a newborn baby — 10 Steps to a Clean Delivery.  With that, Medical Aid Films was born.

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