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What we do

Medical Aid Films


Working with global partners, we reach health workers and communities

Medical Aid Films


Creating film, we share lifesaving knowledge about people's health

Medical Aid Films


Using new technologies and social media, we reach audiences around the world

Medical Aid Films

Making a difference

Putting audiences first, we work to understand how people learn through film


Who's watching our films

Medical Aid Films’ content reflects what I think a midwife should be. In their films, midwives listen, care about, and understand what women are going through

Anaghim Ghnimi – Midwife at EPS Tahar Sfar

The reason the films work is because they are in a simple language. They show the procedure, explaining every part, bit by bit. It clicks in

Fouzia - Midwife Trainer, Somaliland

These films are so helpful. The women find it inspiring to see other women addressing the same issues that they are discussing

Ludi - Health Education Volunteer, Cameroon

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