Watch how film is being used to help measure warning signs in pregnancy

Congratulations to researchers from King’s College London, whose Microlife Vital Signs Alert (VSA) device has been nominated as one of 30 ‘high-impact innovations to save lives’ in Reimagining Global Health, the inaugural report of the Innovation Countdown 2030 initiative.

The Microlife VSA is the world’s first medical device to detect shock and high blood pressure in pregnant women, and could cut maternal deaths in developing countries by up to 25%. It was selected from more than 500 projects from over fifty countries worldwide, and is highlighted by the report as a leading innovation in maternal, child, and newborn health.

The device measures blood pressure to detect signs of complications in pregnancy, such as haemorrhage, sepsis, and pre-eclampsia. Hand-held, charged by a mobile phone charger, and costing just £12, it could transform care for pregnant women in developing countries. With a simple traffic light system to show the risk of shock or high blood pressure, it will enable earlier detection and has the potential to save over 70,000 lives a year.

Following initial evaluation, the team have further developed the device and will begin the next stage of implementation in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, India and other countries from November. We are delighted to be working together – to produce short films for the project, which will help health workers learn how to identify warning signs with this device and provide the life-saving care those women need.

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