A New Raising Voices and Medical Aid Films Collaboration: Films Addressing Positive Discipline Techniques for Parents

Teacher in Ugandan school

Ugandan non-profit Raising Voices and Medical Aid Films launched Positive Discipline, a film that encourages parents to correct poor behaviour in a way that’s safe for children and enhances their development.

Through its story-driven narrative, this short impactful film models the use of positive discipline techniques to promote respect and encouragement of children in a classroom. It discourages the use of corporal punishments, which creates a hostile environment of fear and shame and instead suggests using alternative fair and non-violent methods which are responsive, relevant, proportional and consistent.

The film illustrates the benefit of positive discipline on children by using praise to reinforce good behaviour along with setting appropriate, reasonable and related consequences to misbehaviour, giving children the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

Watch the trailer of the short film by Raising Voices and Medical Aid Films to learn how to create connections, teach skills and embrace emotions while setting clear and consistent limits. The full film is accessible to our YouTube members – to watch it please join our YouTube channel and and become a supporter.