Annual Review film 2020

While the world paused, we pressed play.

Here at Medical Aid Films, 2020 posed a couple of challenges: how to continue to work with partners globally to create content when the world was in lockdown? How to film safely with contributors and production teams when a pandemic was raging?

We were able to move quickly and create animated content about the COVID-19 virus in a range of languages, providing high quality, accurate information about the disease and help and guidance around protection from it. We were part of the creation of the COVID-19 Digital Classroom which continues to adapt and produce content as we move into vaccinations, boosters and living in a world with COVID. We also worked on a project that brought information about clubfoot to parents and health workers with the charity Hope Walks.

This is just a glimpse into what we achieved and we’re looking forward to continuing our work with partners in countries around the world.

Watch the full Annual Review film below.