Kenya – Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

Supporting health outreach work in communities in eastern Kenya

The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust is using film to transform the provision of primary healthcare among remote rural communities.

Serving a semi-nomadic community of 17,000 people, living in an area covering over 290,000 acres, the Trust provides preventative and clinical care to communities far from health facilities – running sessions under trees, in local churches or school halls with generators to provide electricity.  Health workers show our films to patients as they wait to be seen – a rare opportunity to provide basic health education in nomadic communities.

Audio-visual tools are particularly valuable to this community as many cannot read or write.  Our films in Swahili cover a range of topic including nutrition, breastfeeding, and planning pregnancies.  Sometimes community health workers translate the video into the language of the Maasai people during the film.

“The films have been such a useful, culturally relevant tool, helping to communicate vital messages about maternal and child health”.