New films in Kinyarwanda

We are excited to launch two films in Kinyarwanda this week. Is your child sick? (covering symptoms of malaria, diarrhoea and pneumonia in children) and What pregnant women need to eat (covering nutrition in pregnancy to support the health of mother and baby) are the first of our films to be dubbed in this language, for use by organisations across Rwanda.

We were privileged to work with Women for Women Rwanda who have been using these films and in their community programmes in the country. Having the films in the local language will make such a difference to their work. With great thanks to Celia and Nicolas Cattelain for their kind support for this project, and to Felin and Chantal Gakwaya who translated and dubbed the films.

To view these films and our other content in a number of languages, visit our film library.

For further information on our films, or if you have any language requests, please contact us.

New films released in Kinyarwanda for community members in Rwanda.