Malawi – Kamuzu College of Nursing

Training the next generation of midwives

Rebecca Ngalande has been a midwife for over 30 years.  A former lecturer at the Kamuzu College of Nursing (University of Malawi), she witnessed the incredible expansion of the student intake, from 30 to over 200 students over 20 years. She loved being part of the family and community during midwifery as well as assisting students. However, she often found it hard teaching in this low resource environment.

“We lack resources that can assist to impart knowledge and skills to students and practitioners, as well as mothers and families in various communities”. 

Rebecca used our films to help her overcome the lack of resources and to demonstrate important skills with large groups of students.  The feedback and reaction from those using the films has been great.

“When students, mothers, families or communities watch the films, they just love them. It’s easy for them to apply the knowledge, knowing that they don’t always need vast resources or high technology.”

Rebecca says that our films helped her teaching practice. She found them particularly useful for sparking discussions, allowing her to engage with her audience in a way that had not previously been possible.

“Teaching has become easy for me since instead of lecturing I let my students watch a film and we discuss the video by extracting the positives as well as how to use the information in our setting.”