Caring for women with fistula. Watch our training film for nurses

Fistula is a devastating condition caused by childbirth, affecting an estimated 1 million women worldwide – it causes constant leaking of urine and faeces, which leads to shame and social stigma, and other health complications. Women with fistula are often outcast from their families and communities, and live in desperate isolation suffering from the physical and emotional effects.

Fistula can be repaired with surgery however, and women can be treated and return to their normal lives. In addition to the surgery, it is crucial that patients receive good quality nursing care to avoid breakdowns of the repair and other life-threatening complications such as infection.

Produced in partnership with Fistula Foundation, this film aims to shine a light on the critical role of nursing care within fistula surgery, and covers four areas in pre and post-operative care: advocacy, detection, intervention and communication.

Filmed on location at the Gynocare Fistula Centre in Eldoret, Kenya, the film follows the story of Jacki – a fistula patient being cared for by two exceptional nurses James and Kandie, it also features the inspiring fistula surgeon Dr Hillary Mabeya.

The film was reviewed by the Fistula Foundation team, and Dr Sohier Elneil; consultant uro-gynaecologist at University College London, Chair of Fistula Foundation, and a member of our Medical Advisory Panel.

The film will be widely distributed to fistula organisations, hospitals, nursing associations and individuals who will use this film as part of their nurse training. As with all of our films, it is free to view and download on our website, and available on Vimeo and YouTube. Please do view the films and give us your feedback:

Our thanks to all involved in the production and review of this film.

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