Choosing Contraception – Young Zambians Decide For Themselves

Young Zambian couple

Today, 1st of September, Medical Aid Films launches “Choosing Contraception”, an educational film where young Zambians encourage their peers to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. 

The film is the first of a series created in partnership with the Ministry of Health in Zambia and non-profit SAfAIDS,  and is a part of our SCREEN (Scaling Community Relevant Evidence-based Education Film Content) Zambia project. 

Choosing Contraception focuses on young women and men in rural areas in Zambia. It provides information on accessing appropriate healthcare services and busts common myths around contraception. With this accurate and timely information, young Zambians are better equipped to make the right decisions for themselves. 

Choosing Contraception will be screened initially through youth-friendly health centres as part of SAFAIDS Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health rights project.

The project

SCREEN is a 3-year health communications project working with in-country partners to develop and disseminate health films to rural Zambian audiences. 

Together with partners and the Ministry of Health, we identified priority health issues for the films to address, which will be integrated into our partners’ existing health programs across the country.

Deleen Chasaya, Senior Health Promotion Officer at the Ministry of Health of Zambia,  shared this reaction from her team:

‘The health promotion team enjoyed reviewing the SCREEN films. They were authentic to Zambian culture, informative and entertaining. We especially liked the use of real people talking about their experiences, rather than actors, which made the films genuine.  We believe the films will be a great support to the Ministry’s work and the health sector.’

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