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New language addition to four core educational films

Partnership with Bethel Computers for Education delivers a suite of films for communities in Haiti

Founder Denny Baumann started Bethel Computers For Education (BCFE) over 25 years ago when he learned of the need for computers in a school in Mississippi. Starting with 12 donated computers, the project grew across the United States and then expanded to providing computers to schools, clinics and community centres in need around the world.

As well a donating computer hardware, software such as teaching applications were bundled as part of BCFE’s “Internet in a Box” initiative (IIAB). IIAB is a modified laptop loaded with lessons and educational materials for communities in low-and-middle-income countries with no internet access, or where internet access is restricted due to affordability.

Internet in-a-Box to Medical Internet in-A-Box

Children watch Bethel Computers for Education "Internet in a Box"
Children watch “Internet in a Box” from Bethel Computers for Education

From “Internet in a Box” grew the “Medical Internet In-A-Box” (MIIAB) loaded with training content from Medical Aid Films which is providing vital medical information to health workers and patients in remote clinics throughout Haiti and in other countries.

Healthcare in Haiti

As the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, Haiti faces significant health challenges. Vulnerable to natural disasters and hurricanes, the 2010 earthquake left over 200,000 dead and caused extensive damage to infrastructure, health systems and the economy.

Haiti reports some of the world’s worst health indicators, which continue to inhibit the country’s development. While Haiti has struggled with poor health outcomes for generations, the health system was further debilitated by the 2010 earthquake, which demolished 50 health centers, part of Haiti’s primary teaching hospital, and the Ministry of Health.

USAID Haiti Health Fact Sheet, March 2017

In Haiti, much of the MIIAB content is in French for the medical staff. However, in order to serve the health education needs of the wider community, Denny knew that films had to be in Creole. Four films were chosen that would deliver the greatest benefit to viewers, and a year of fundraising later, the films began to be translated and re-voiced.

Medical staff supporting the health clinics in Haiti report the films are being well received by the local communities they serve.

Four New Haitian Creole Translations

We are thrilled to make these translations more widely available by adding these films to our collection for streaming and free download online:

Understanding healthy eating during pregnancy

Ki sa fanm ansent bezwen pou mange

This film explains how women can eat healthily during their pregnancy to ensure their own health and that of their child. 

(Also available in: English, French, Swahili, Somali, Bemba, Luganda, Kinyarwanda and Runyoro)

Understanding what your child should eat

Kouman e kijan ou dwe pwan swen pitit ou (6 mwa pou rive 24 mwa)

For use in community health education, this film is about what to feed your child from the age of six to 24 months, to help them grow to be healthy and strong. 

(Also available in: English, French, Swahili, Somali, Bemba, Luganda)

Understanding family planning

An nou chache konprann ko nou: kouman poun kantrole jan nap fe pitit nou

For use in community health education, this film for teenagers and young adults explains the different methods of contraception available for family planning.

(Also available in: English, French, Swahili, Somali, Luganda)

Understanding Screening, Treatment and Prevention of Cervical Cancer

Kansè nan matris: konprann prevansyon, deteksyon ak tretman

This film explains the importance of screening, early detection and treatment of cervical cancer.

(Also available in: English, French, Swahili, Somali, Bemba, Hausa, Yoruba)

Medical Aid Films and Bethel Computers for Education are currently exploring the possibility of raising more funds for more translations in future.

Please contact us if you would like to explore making additional language versions of our films.   

Additional films in Haitian Creole:

Medical Aid Films also has two films on the CRADLE VSA, a device used to measure vital signs during pregnancy.

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