HIV Paediatric Case Study Training Films • 04. Wongani

Accompanying Notes Case Study 04

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Wongani is a 22-month-old boy who is brought into hospital very sick, a month after starting treatment (ART). His history shows a series of missed opportunities as well as his struggle to recover.

Teaching points:
• Early infant diagnosis and ART initiation
• Severe Kwashiorkor and IRIS
• TB and other opportunistic infections
• Impact of ART

This is one of a set of HIV paediatric films made by parter organisation Picturing Health. These interactive training films are designed to copy the way clinicians learn in real life. They follow children over time, recording clinic visits or admissions to hospital, stopping to ask questions whenever treatment decisions need to be made. Suggested answers are contained in the accompanying notes.

Contact Picturing Health to obtain an editable version of the notes for adapting to different settings.

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