Films in new languages for health worker training in Nigeria

We are delighted to launch a suite of 11 maternal and child health films in two new languages – Yoruba and Hausa – to support the development an innovative health worker training programme in Nigeria.

This programme uses a tablet-based curriculum, developed with InStrat Global Health Solutions, Digital Campus, mPowering Frontline Health Workers and Ondo State Primary Health Care Development Board, to share life-saving information about maternal and child health.

Yoruba and Hausa are among the most widely spoken languages in Africa, spoken by over 70 million native speakers, and by many millions more as a second or third language.  This suite of films will transform access to vital knowledge about maternal and child health in West Africa.


Click the links below now to watch or download the films in full.


Local-language content is just the beginning of opportunities to scale this programme across Nigeria.  Plans are underway with Ondo State Primary Health Care Development Board to expand the pilot significantly to cover more facilities in the State.  Meanwhile screenings have started in Kano State, northern Nigeria, using innovative solar powered Wi-Fi hubs in partnership with Outernet, with further possible programmes being planned.

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Our thanks to mPowering Frontline Health Workers for their support for this work helping transform access to knowledge and training that saves lives.